Discover how to lose weight, have more energy and ultimately feel great and look fabulous, without even going to a gym

Online Bootcamp Training is designed to help you look slimmer, feel fitter and have lots more energy.

Life is 100 miles per hour and can be very demanding and stressful. So much energy is given to work, family and kids, that you forget to make time for yourself. There is no time to go to the gym and do something for you. Something that will give you more energy, help you look slimmer, feel less stressed, and ultimately feel fabulous.

You may also feel like the gym scene is very intimidating. Especially if, at the moment you're feeling unfit, knackered and a bit overweight. Mixing with all the other ‘fit’ looking gym bunnies who go all the time, it’s understandable that you may not feel ultra comfortable exercising in that environment

The truth is, there are tons of women (and men) who share similar busy schedules like you, and understandably experience the same concerns and constraints, when it comes to exercising in gyms.

That’s why I developed Online Bootcamp Training - this programme is designed to help you. It will help you look slimmer, feel fitter and have lots more energy.

So, if you want to

  •   Look and feel great.
  •  Put an end to boring workouts and follow an exciting exercise plan that revives the body and mind, without stepping foot into a gym
  •  Learn how to eat more and still lose weight, feel awesome and have more energy.
  •   Have a coach to answer to and help guide you towards feeling fabulous.

This is the programme for you!

  •   No more Gyms.
  •   No more intimidation.
  •   No more prying eyes.
  •   No more boring workouts.
  •   Just you, with my expert help and direction.

The results
A happier person, who feels fit and looks amazing.


2015 was a big year for me. I am a mum of three children under the age of 4 and in the August I was due to get married to the father of my 3 beautiful children. I felt overweight, unfit and super super tired from having to be a mum to 3 kids and getting minimal sleep. I wanted to finally get in shape for my big day, but I was confused which was the best way to do this. I was also so tired that i couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to go to a gym and do things on my own

Daniel has helped me so much. He showed me simple nutritional rules that I stuck to. This meant that I was more disciplined with what I ate. but it it also meant I could still enjoy the odd glass of wine and chocolate.

Regular exercise meant I had tons more energy. Some days I was so tired, but because I was on a routine and I had Daniel to answer to once a week, and I had to be weighed and measured once a week , I did the exercise and felt so much better for it.

There were some weeks that didn’t go according to plan. Tiredness and ill children got the better of me. However Daniel was patient and very understanding and rather than tell me off he supported me which meant I was even more determined.

I went from 74kg to 64kg for my wedding. I felt so amazing with my new figure and so did my husband. He couldn't keep his eyes off me!


I joined boot camp on a friends recommendation for some challenging and really effective exercise.

My aim is to be fitter and healthier to be an interactive parent to my daughters and to finally shift the weight gained from bringing up small children (I'm thinking the delights of comfort food like mac n cheese and endless bowls of pasta!)I've never been a gym bunny, I thrive on working out in a fun environment with friends. So boot camp is perfect because not only do you get pretty much 1:1 PT support and advice from Dan on how to do the exercises properly and most effectively, you get encouragement and back patting from your friends, lots of support and top tips on lifestyle, nutrition and healthy living, all alongside a personalised play list of your favourite tunes. It's basically like a fun night out chatting with your friends (albeit you're all wearing lycra) with the added bonus of getting fitter!

Dan's classes make me feel proud of my achievements, proud of my body and my strength, and I love going along to them each week. I don't even view it as a workout - it's basically a great fun hangout.


Back in 2004, I ws 30 years old and my second child was 12 weeks old . I felt overweight, knackered and needed to do something.I wanted to lose weight and feel great again.

Therefore, I began training with Daniel. We trained 2 to 3 times week and he also helped me with my diet. He makes nutrition uncomplicated, and I loved his step by step approach to nutrition and long term health and weight loss. He only changed 2-3 things in my diet, per week and this had a profound effect on my weight loss and energy.

It took around 1 year to turn things around. I lost 3 stone. I felt slimmer, had more energy and felt confident with the way I looked.

11 years on, and I still feel the same way. I still train with Daniel, and still enjoy the sessions. I have sustained my weight for nearly 10 years. It has continually made me stay young and feel fabulous.

You will be signed up to my Online FitCamp Membership. Privileges include having your own account and password, in which you can keep tracking how many times you've exercised, how much weight and fat you've lost as well as how good your diet has been.

Online Forum. As an Online Fitcamp Member you will also get VIP access to my forum, where you can ask me questions and advice. You can also communicate with other members for tip and tricks to feeling great.

Every week you will receive a fat burning exercise regime that you can do in your own home, or at the park. The sessions will be based on body weight exercises with minimal exercise equipment. They will suit all levels, from the beginner to the super experienced exerciser. Once you get into the rhythm of these awesome training sessions, your body and mind will feel completely revitalised.

You will also be given a rejuvenating nutrition plan to follow. You will be encouraged to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle. This will help stop cravings, increase energy levels, help you lose weight , get a flat tummy and feel fabulous.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I stand completely behind my Online Fitcamp packages. Therefore if you're not completely happy I will back it up with 100% money back gaurantee!

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